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How To Optimize Graphite Electrode Production Efficiency

Dec. 09, 2019

Even if each graphite electrode is the most advanced equipment and has the optimal control system, it still needs to operate according to the production conditions and actual conditions. Therefore, people have been committed to the optimization of graphite electrode production efficiency. Graphite electrode steel making has evolved from a low-cost process that produces only a small amount of commercial grade steel to an evolving process that produces steel of all grades and qualities. Graphite Anode supplier shares with you.

Just as every steel mill is different - each graphite electrode is different for specific conditions of production, such as transport and power. Operators aim to meet specific process standards, so they adapt their production methods to local or market conditions. This does not mean that graphite-electrode steel making has no future. On the contrary, graphite-electrode designers have developed a variety of graphite electrodes to improve graphite-electrode steel making, many of which have been installed or operated.

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Charging control

Burden (scrap, DRI, molten iron) cost may be the most variable factor in the cost of graphite electrode steel making. Therefore, in order to obtain a certain product quality, many producers of graphite electrode change burden addition mode alternately in order to seek the best production cost. Danieli has developed a feedstock model for graphite electrode processing of stainless steel that estimates that raw materials account for "more than 80 percent of production costs". Danieli's lowest cost charge (LCC) model is designed to optimize graphite electrode charging by considering the production method to be used for each furnace, influencing factors and constraints including raw material, time, and scrap stock. According to the total amount of scrap, ferroalloy, residual molten steel in the furnace and molten steel in the furnace (if any), the model takes each furnace charge as the calculation factor and provides different calculation modes and functions.

EAF process and BOF technology

As soon as the first furnace is filled with molten iron, the top oxygen gun begins to blow oxygen to decarburize the molten steel. After the decarburization stage is completed, the oxygen gun is quickly raised and the electrodes are immediately in place. Add DRI cold material continuously while energizing. The second stage is carried out in the first furnace while the second furnace is in the refining stage, so the electrodeposition is adjusted for the use of the second furnace and the steel can be produced after the first furnace is refined.

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