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The Importance of Properly Handling Electrodes

Apr. 20, 2020

Graphite electrodes are the heart and soul of modern electric arc furnaces. It requires a special conductor to maintain the extreme current requirements placed on the electrodes and pins. Correct operation and installation are essential for optimal performance. Here are some useful tips provided by graphite electrode suppliers to keep your system in top condition.


All connections and connectors must be completely clean and free of dust, dirt, and debris. It is important to check and clean frequently with compressed air. During the inspection, check the end faces, threads and other components for damage or oxidation. Check the joints for signs of tightness and wear.


Every electrical connection in the circuit must be clean and tight, otherwise, it will produce resistance that affects the performance of the electrode. Resistance not only causes current loss but also generates heat where you don' t need it.

 Graphite Rod Electrode

Electrode Type

Whether using small or large diameter electrodes, there are many options, such as:

HP electrodes – high power

SHP electrodes – super high power

UHP electrodes – ultra-high power

HD electrodes – high density makes sure to use the correct graphite electrode.

Prompt For Proper Installation

Remove the end cap and clean it with a spatula

Blow out the socket

Screw the pins all the way in and then back a little bit (all pins are center Cet type)

Install lift pins

Air hose sleeve and end face

Place wishbone spacer in place

Put in the upper electrode

Clean the connector and make contact with the air hose before closing

Move the electrode post to the correct operating position

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