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Characteristics of Graphite Products

Apr. 16, 2020

Graphite products are all kinds of finished products made by artificial graphite and natural graphite, for example, the core of the battery can be counted, and then graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite paper, etc., all count, and what graphite is used in the industry The rotor is used for cast aluminum, graphite bearings, etc. The products made according to the characteristics of graphite are collectively referred to as graphite products including graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite plates, graphite carbon tubes, graphite rings, etc.

One of the main uses of graphite is to produce refractory materials, including refractory bricks, crucibles, continuous casting powder, mold cores, molds, detergents, and high-temperature resistant materials. Because graphite has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense, and other industrial sectors. Therefore, graphite products have been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronics, etc.

Characteristics of Graphite Products

Below, we will briefly introduce the characteristics of graphite products for everyone:

1. Graphite products have good adsorption.

The open structure of the carbon makes the carbon have good adsorption, so the carbon is often used as adsorption data for moisture, odor, etc.

2. Graphite products have good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating and save fuel.

Graphite-made baking trays, pans, etc. heat fast, and the cooked food is heated evenly, cooked from the inside out, the heating time is short, not only pure taste but also can lock the original nutrition of the food.

3. Graphite products have chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

Graphite has good chemical stability at normal temperature and is not corroded by any strong acid, strong alkali, and organic solvents. Therefore, even if the graphite product is used for a long time, there is little loss, and it only needs to be scrubbed and cleaned.

4. Graphite products have a strong anti-oxidation effect and reduction effect.

The finished product, especially the graphite mattress, can generate negative oxygen ions after heating, which activates the surrounding objects and maintains human health. It is used to prevent aging and make the skin full of luster and elasticity.

5. Graphite products are environmentally friendly and healthy, without radioactive pollution and high-temperature resistance.

Carbon needs to pass through at least a dozen days and nights of graphitization in a high-temperature environment of 2000-3300 degrees to become graphite.

The above information is provided by the graphite boat manufacturer

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