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How to Make Graphite Electrodes

Apr. 20, 2020

The steel recovery and melting process use special equipment called electric arc furnaces to melt and extract metals. During heating, the large graphite electrode will carry a lot of currents and turn red. But what are graphite electrodes and how are they made? Graphite electrode manufacturer shares with you.

Graphite electrode

If you are familiar with arc welding, you will know that current flows from the electrode (rod) to the metal part to be welded. The electrode (made of materials such as steel or aluminum) may or may not contain flux cores. Then, the friction generated by the current heats the electrode and melts it into a metal joint, forming a strong weld.

However, in the electric arc furnace, the electrode is larger but has the same basic principle. Large electrodes (made of carbon compounds) come in a variety of sizes, depending on the facilities of the molten steel workshop.

Graphite Electrodes

The beginning of the manufacturing process

First, grind the raw materials together. Next, they are mixed with liquid asphalt. Asphalt is a tar-type resin that forms a graphite mixture when mixed with raw materials and then puts it in a mold. The mold is then vibrated at high speed to compact the mixture.

Baking process

The electrode becomes coke tar and bakes to form a solid electrode. To improve the texture, the electrode enters the autoclave, where it absorbs liquid pitch. After soaking, they bake again to solidify their ingredients.

Finished product

By baking the electrodes at 3000 degrees Celsius, they become graphite. In order to create a finished product, some processing is usually required (according to the customer's specifications and needs).

Since the electrode is a consumable material, it is important to provide a large amount of stock for your business, which is why we always provide high-quality graphite electrodes.

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