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Graphite Electrode Processing Method And Program

Nov. 14, 2019

The graphite electrode supplier introduces you to the processing of graphite electrodes.

Processing form of graphite material

There are three main processing methods of graphite electrode: pressure vibration method, NC automatic forming method and mechanical processing method.

1. Pressurized vibration method: The pressure vibration method requires a special machine tool, and the electrode master mold has the opposite shape to the electrode. The graphite material and the forming tool are placed opposite each other during processing, leaving a certain gap. A machining fluid mixed with water and abrasive is injected into it. The graphite and forming tools are subjected to ultrasonic vibration while passing through the processing fluid. Under the impact of the abrasive force, the graphite is slightly stripped into the desired shape. The abrasive is SiC, B4C or diamond. The coarser the abrasive, the faster the processing speed. When the machine tool works, it adopts sealing type and water-screen to process. Edm machining suitable for batch production.

2. CNC automatic forming method: CNC automatic forming method requires a special graphite electrode forming machine, which adopts numerical control mode and has an automatic tool changing device, which can accommodate multiple tools. In order to improve the processing environment, the graphite electrode is surrounded by a water curtain to prevent the graphite dust from being scattered. In addition, the wet machining method can be used to prevent tool wear and graphite dust flying away by water-soluble cutting fluid. The machine has a high-performance filter that can separate the cutting fluid from the graphite chip and ensure continuous processing for a long time. But its price is higher.

3. Mechanical processing method: Graphite materials can be processed by turning, milling, drilling and grinding. In addition, graphite materials are prone to fly ash during machining, which adversely affects processing equipment and operators.


Processing procedures for graphite materials

1. Graphite oil immersion. Before the mechanical processing, the graphite material should be immersed in the oil for several tens of hours to allow the oil to penetrate into the graphite material, so that the ash powder does not fly during machining and a smoother surface can be obtained.

2. Paint marking. After rough machining of the electrode surface, spray a thin layer of white paint on the marking surface and then mark, so that the line is clear and convenient for machining.

3. Carry out mechanical processing.

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