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Precautions When Using Graphite Electrodes

Nov. 07, 2019

The graphite electrode supplier is giving you some advice.

1. According to the furnace capacity and transformer load, the grade and diameter of the electrode are appropriately selected.

2. When the electric furnace is charged, the bulk charge should be installed at the bottom of the furnace to prevent the furnace material from collapsing and breaking the electrode. In the smelting process, non-conductive objects such as lime should be avoided to accumulate directly under the electrode, otherwise, the electrode will be energized and even the electrode will be broken.

3. Pay attention to the position of the furnace cover. If the furnace cover is misaligned, the furnace cover will be scratched when the electrode is lifted, resulting in damage to the electrode.

4. When connecting the electrode, if there is any defect of the connector bolt, replace it and then connect it.


5. After the electrodes are connected, if there is a gap on the connecting surface, be sure to find out the cause. It can be used after the gap is eliminated.

6. The electrodes must be used vertically. Do not tilt.

7. The electrode holder should be sandwiched between the upper and lower guard lines of the topmost graphite electrode. It is forbidden to be caught in the warning line (the joint hole) and the middle electrode, otherwise, the electrode column may be broken.

8. Since the raw materials and production processes of different manufacturers may be different, the physical and chemical properties of the electrodes are also different. It is recommended that the joints and electrodes produced by different manufacturers should not be used interchangeably in use.

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