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Matters needing attention when using graphite anode plates

Sep. 02, 2019

Matters needing attention when using graphite anode plates shared by Graphite Electrode supplier China.

(1) dust removal: due to the fine particle structure of graphite, a large amount of dust will be generated during mechanical processing, which has a great impact on the factory environment; In addition, the influence of dust on the equipment is mainly reflected in the power supply of the equipment. Due to the very good electrical conductivity of graphite, it is easy to cause power supply short-circuit and other faults after entering the power box. Therefore, it is recommended to equip with graphite special processing machine for processing. However, due to the large investment cost of graphite special processing equipment, in this case, the following solutions can be adopted:

1) after processing: after purchasing graphite, first soak in spark oil for a period of time (according to the specific volume of graphite to judge), and then put in the processing center for processing, in this way, the graphite dust will not fly, but down. This will minimize the impact on equipment and the environment.

2) modification of processing center: the so-called modification, mainly in the ordinary processing center to install a vacuum cleaner.

(2) breakage Angle in machining: since graphite is more brittle than copper, it is easy to cause electrode breakage Angle if Graphite Electrode for sale China is processed by processing copper electrode, especially when processing thin rib electrode. In this regard, yongxu has accumulated a lot of processing experience, can provide free technical support for mold manufacturers. Mainly through the tool selection, the way of cutting, and the reasonable configuration of processing parameters to achieve.

Graphite Electrode supplier China

Graphite Anode

(3) discharge clearance during discharge machining: different from copper, because the discharge speed of graphite electrode is faster, more processing slag is corroded in unit time, how to effectively discharge slag becomes a problem. Therefore, the discharge gap is required to be larger than copper. Generally speaking, when setting discharge gap, the discharge gap of graphite is 10 ~ 30% larger than that of copper.

(4) correct understanding of its shortcomings: in addition to dust, graphite still has some deficiencies. For example, in the processing of mirror die, compared with copper electrode, graphite electrode is not easy to achieve the ideal effect, and to achieve a better surface effect, it is necessary to choose the most granular graphite, and the cost of this graphite is often 4 ~ 6 times higher than ordinary Graphite Electrode for sale. In addition, the reusability of graphite is low, because of the production process, only a small part of graphite can be used for reproduction and utilization. The waste graphite after edm cannot be reused temporarily.

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