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The Difference between Electric Arc Furnace and Blast Furnace

Apr. 22, 2020

It may be a complex process, trying to determine the benefits of different types of processing systems. A common problem is to choose between an electric arc furnace and a blast furnace. UHP graphite electrode manufacturer shares with you.

Both have benefits, but using one specific type of furnace and production method is more challenging than using another. When considering changing existing systems or building new plants, it is important to understand these differences.

Carbon Electrode

Blast furnace

The blast furnace is perhaps the most iconic image, symbolizing the metal industry. The furnace system is very large and contains many very open and visible components. This is certainly not a new technology and can be traced back to ancient China, where the same method was used for smaller-scale metal production.

However, the working principle of these furnaces is slightly different from that before 2000. Today, coke is used to melt iron ore to make pig iron. Oxygen is then used to further convert pig iron into steel. This process requires a continuous supply of coke and very large furnaces that produce high carbon dioxide emissions.

Electric arc furnace

Electric arc furnaces (EAF) tend to be smaller and operate more efficiently. They do not need to supply coke continuously. Instead, they used the current through the graphite electrode to create an arc. These graphite electrodes must be of high quality to ensure that an electric arc is generated by the current through the rod.

The metal is placed in a cylinder or shell, which is also used to form an arc with the graphite electrode, raising the temperature to 3000 degrees Celsius for an efficient melting process.

The metal used in electric arc furnaces is usually scrapping metal or iron ore, but there are other possibilities. It is easier to control the temperature in the system than the blast furnace, which is important for efficiency. Another advantage of using the electric arc furnace process is that it can produce all types of steel, including special metals and products.

In some operations, carbon electrodes can also be used. These carbon electrodes are also used to carry large currents, so they also have excellent thermal conductivity. The choice of carbon electrode often appears in the production of calcium carbide, phosphorus, iron alloy or silicon.

For many factories, the lower installation cost and shorter completion time make the electric arc furnace a very wise choice among many types of processing equipment.

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