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Preventive Measures during Steelmaking Control

Mar. 11, 2020

(1) After high voltage power transmission, observe whether the three phases of the secondary short-circuit no-load voltage are balanced (determined by the insulation resistance of the three-phase short network to ground, and the unbalanced voltage should be within 10%). Our company provides corrosion resistance Graphite Crucible.

(2) Before the electrode is automatically lowered, confirm that there is no non-conductive object in the scrap steel layer directly under the electrode.

(3) After the first phase electrode has come into contact with the scrap steel, observe whether the secondary voltage of the phase electrode immediately drops.

(4) When an arc occurs in a certain phase electrode, whether the secondary current display of the phase electrode can be seen (the ammeter pointer has a large swing).

(5) Regularly check whether the braking force of the electrode hydraulic drive mechanism and the system delay coefficient have changed.

Corrosion Resistance Graphite Crucible

In terms of the internal quality of the electrode, the key technical indicators of the electrode (joint) during the smelting process ultimately affect the electrode breakage. Many scholars have conducted a detailed study on this. It is worth noting that the China Carbon Industry Association has carried out spot checks on product quality of member companies, and compared the test indicators of the spot checks with national standards and enterprise standards of well-known foreign companies. In terms of testing indicators, most of the tested products meet the YB-2000 standard, and some of the indicators have reached or approached the standards of foreign companies and enterprises. However, the actual smelting effect of domestic ultra-high-power graphite electrodes is obviously different from that of foreign products of the same specifications. Therefore, there is a certain one-sidedness in judging the quality of the electrode (connector) based on the physical and chemical indicators of the electrode (connector). The matching of plant products with comprehensive factors such as the smelting process, furnace structure and smelting steel types of different customers establishes a set of scientific and reasonable electrode production and technology use schemes.

Relying on the physical and chemical indicators of the electrode (connector) to determine the quality of the electrode (connector), there is a certain one-sidedness. Full consideration should be given to the compatibility of our products with comprehensive factors such as the smelting process, furnace structure and steel type of different customers. To establish a scientific and reasonable electrode production and technical use program.

The above information is provided by the Graphite Electrode factory.

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