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Causes Of Graphite Electrode Breakage In Steelmaking

Jan. 10, 2020

Part of the reason for the graphite electrode breakage is in operation and control, but the quality of the electrode itself is also the determining factor of the electrode breakage. Graphite Electrode supplier China shares with you.

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Reasons for electrode intrinsic quality

(1) Reasons for the broken connector The connector plays a key role in the connection of the electrode during steelmaking. The quality of the connector is directly related to the use of the electrode in electric furnace steelmaking. The connection area formed by the graphite electrode and the joint is a complex and complicated part with large electrical, thermal, and mechanical loads, and it is also a common part for fracture. According to relevant data, in electric furnace steelmaking, more than 80% of electrode use accidents are caused by broken or loosened joints. In terms of the quality of the joint itself, there are several reasons for the fracture: the low bulk density of the joint, the strength is generally low, and it is easy to cause breakage when used; the resistivity is high, and the temperature of the joint site rises rapidly when the power is turned on. Causes greater thermal stress at the joints of the electrode joints, which increases the probability of breakage; insufficient bending strength of the joints; internal cracked joints are mixed into the finished joints to form a major hidden danger of use; the joints and electrode processing accuracy indicators are not reasonably matched, and are prone to breakage phenomenon.

(2) Reasons for electrode breakage Generally, the probability of electrode breakage is relatively low. There are several reasons for electrode breakage: the quality of electrode screw holes is defective; the volume density and strength of the electrode are not sufficient; the electrode and joint indicators, and processing accuracy Mismatch; deep cracks at the end of the electrode are caused by the poor thermal shock resistance of the electrode; in addition, electrodes with transverse cracks inside are not detected in the finished product and there is a great risk of breakage.

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