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Application Points Of Graphite Electrodes

Dec. 21, 2019

Graphite Electrode manufacturer China professionally answers the precautions for the use of graphite electrodes:

1. When selecting a graphite electrode diameter, please refer to the current load and current density allowed by the electrode.

2. The graphite electrode should be protected from rain, snow, and water during transportation and storage, and it should be dried before use.

3. During the loading and unloading and transportation of graphite electrodes, they should be handled with care, the threads should be protected, and impact and collision damage should be strictly prevented. It is best to use special spreaders during loading and unloading.

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4. Before connecting new electrodes and connectors, the electrode screw holes must be sucked clean with compressed air, and then the connectors and electrodes should be installed as required. When the difference between the end faces of the two electrodes is 20-30mm, perform a second soot blow, and then tighten the electrode and the connector.

5. If the electrode is lifted with an iron joint, make sure that the joint wire buckle is not deformed, so as not to damage the electrode thread.

6. When connecting the electrodes, use a torque wrench to connect the electrodes according to the specified torque value.

7. The electrode lifting device of the electric furnace should not be shaken when running to prevent the electrode joints from being loosened, withdrawn or broken.

8. The electrode holder must hold the electrode within the safety wire of the electrode.

9. In order to prevent the electrode from being broken when the unmelted charge material collapses, the electrode should be promptly promoted according to the melting situation, and the unmelted scrap steel should be pushed into the furnace.

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