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Advantages of graphite electrode

Aug. 06, 2019

Advantages of graphite electrode

1. The increasing complexity of mold geometry and the diversification of product applications lead to higher and higher requirements for discharge accuracy of sparker. The advantages of High mechanical strength Graphite Electrode are that it is easy to process, high removal rate of discharge machining, and small graphite loss. In addition, some special shaped electrodes can not be made of copper, but graphite is easier to form, and the copper electrode is heavier, not suitable for processing large electrodes, these factors lead to the use of graphite electrodes in some group based sparklers.

2. High mechanical strength Graphite Electrode China is easy to be processed, and the processing speed is obviously faster than that of copper electrode. For example, graphite is processed by milling process, whose processing speed is 2 ~ 3 times faster than other metals and no additional manual processing is required, while copper electrode needs manual grinding. Similarly, if using high speed graphite processing center graphite electrode.

High mechanical strength Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode (RP)

The electrodes are made faster and more efficiently without creating dust problems. In these processes, selecting tools with the right hardness and graphite can reduce tool wear and copper damage. If the milling time of graphite electrode is compared with that of copper electrode, the graphite electrode is 67% faster than that of copper electrode. In general discharge processing, the processing time of graphite electrode is 58% faster than that of copper electrode. As a result, processing time is greatly reduced and manufacturing costs are reduced.

3. The design of graphite electrode is different from that of traditional copper electrode. Many die factories usually have different reserve amounts for rough and fine machining of copper electrodes, while graphite electrodes use almost the same reserve amount, which reduces the number of CAD/CAM and machine processes. This alone is enough to greatly improve the precision of mold cavities.

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